What we do

We provide a shortlist of qualified candidates for
technical requirements in North America.


Scarcity of Skill
Available in plenty
Available but experience may not match
Not easily available, but can be recruited with focussed effort
Very difficult to find
Very Very rare skill
Location of work
Everyone Loves to be there !
Most of the people would love working in this city !
You need to sell the location to the candidates !
Majority gets put off when the recruiter gives away the work location
This is Antartica ! You cant get anyone to move in here !
Importance of Employment Brand
Great employment brand ! The best there is, the best you can think of !
Very good employment brand !
Well known company, but needs to be positioned well by the recruiter
Not a known employment brand. This position needs to be sold !
Negative Employment brand
Monetary facet
Dream compensation
Very good
Right compensation, recruiter needs to position it well
Below industry standards, recruiter needs to sell it hard.
Forget it ! Its very very low.
Number of days the requirement has been open in the market (in case of external recruiters)
Fresh in the market !
Been there for a few days now, but yet to be on all job boards etc
Relatively new req, but there are other recruiters working on this same req
Its already published by in house recruiters for over two weeks now, and many people are contacted already. The pipeline is low
Its been there for months ! Cant get anyone for this job.