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On-demand recruitment « 123RPO
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On-demand recruitment



In many of the entrepreneurs group meetings, and SME group meetings I have had the pleasure of attending or chairing, I repeatedly hear the same challenges being discussed. – How to attract good talent when you don’t have a great employment brand or are too small to get a good recruitment agency to work for you?

I have seen highly successful sales professionals who want to launch their IT / Engineering consulting companies but don’t know how to scale up the fulfillment side of the recruitment equation quickly and cost effectively. Having your own recruitment team is costly – ‘Can I have a recruitment team that fits my wallet size?’ is a question I have been asked more than once by a highly networked sales professionals.

The problem I had in answering that question was, traditional Recruitment Process Outsourcing mostly followed a relationship based selling pattern. You identify the target market segment and then you went on to address the Director HR on how you can improve productivity and efficiency and how you can take away the non core areas, and add value. You pitched right to the CFO and talked about how the average costs came down by using superlative technology and also combining it with cost efficient global deliver centers.

The traditional RPO model was not tailor made to fit one’s requirement or wallet size. There was no ‘On Demand’ Recruitment solutions available. That struck us hard. For almost a decade we have been mostly focusing on big companies, ignoring SMEs and individual startups. Then it struck us, that we have the ability to dramatically improve these organizations by giving them efficiencies and scalability of enterprise level HR solutions on-demand and utilizing our global delivery network!

In essence we are perfectly placed to provide Recruitment As a Service (RAAStm) to SMEs and individuals. Reading a book on ‘Long Tail’ by Chris Anderson only accelerated and cemented our thoughts on how to bring in recruitment to a mass audience using a long tail approach.

That was how 123rpo was born.

–       To provide SMEs, and entrepreneurs the boost to address more with a fraction of the spend and fulfill their HR needs regardless of their wallet size.

–       Putting our money where our mouth is and allowing our clients to try us for free before committing to a deeper relationship.

–       Helping large Staffing firms scale up and achieve more with less by having a shadow team of virtually infinite size with 123rpo.com

We are taking enterprise level RPO to the SMEs, to the independent sales professional who has lots of requirements, deep relationships and needs rockstar recruitment support to fulfill his requirements. We are taking a ‘long tail’ approach – Recruitment As A Service – the first of its kind in the Recruitment industry.

Get started risk free! Signup at www.123rpo.com for a free trial today.


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