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We provide a shortlist of qualified candidates for
technical requirements in North America.

About Us

In today's world Organizations survive only if they add value to the customers. There is no business which can survive the litmus test if they don't keep on adding value day after day, quarter after quarter, year after year.

We started as an IT Consulting company in 2008, then started staff augmentation in late 2008. We have been doing IT and Engineering staff augmentation for over 5 years now, and have groomed some of the best recruiters in our offshore facilities in India.

In an accidental way during one of our customer visits in our facilities in Bangalore and Kochi in India, one of our customers asked if they can get the help of our experienced recruiters on a monthly retainer basis. Since we had a great relationship with this client, we agreed; and the rest is history.

Now we take the model which started off in 2009 in to a fully offering suited to various customers.

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